Hello there.

I thought what better way to talk about my small scale homesteading and potentially egg selling and other selling ventures than a blog! I’ve tried a blog a few times before but never had a concrete idea or time to put things down properly. Here I’d like to share and meet others who do the same things. I also hope to write a review of products we have used and things recommended that have and have not worked. We are a small family who enjoys working outside, hands in the dirt; loving several rescued animals along the way. We have a small flock of hens, (7) a rooster who joins us tomorrow (!), a son with a severe egg allergy (he’s not allowed to touch eggs at all), three and a half dogs, and about 3.5 acres. We began our raised garden beds this year and perhaps a bit too early. I was so anxious to get things going, our final frost was mid-April and nearly killed the few transplants we had.

DSC_0380 DSC_0381