More introductions


Left to right: Josephine, Gertie (these two are really joined at the him and both quite timid)TrudyMy Lu!

Trudy (also timid) and my favorite farm dog Lu.

D'artagnan1 Rinthecoop

D’artagnan our Rooster

D'artagnan and his ladies Handsome D'artagnan handsome2


A little introdcution

Ruby2 Ruby Gertie Henrietta2 Henrietta Ruby2 Ruby Stella

We identify them by the rings on their feet (for now) and I’m still needing photos of some who were less than cooperative yesterday but here’s the list from left to right, Ruby, Ruby, Gertie, Henrietta, Ruby, Ruby, Stella. The ones who have more than one photo I just couldn’t choose. Happy Chicken Day! Our Rooster arrived last night and after a brief introduction, he was hen-pecked! But a very sweet boy who wants to sit with me and cuddle, loves to stand on my hand.

Hello there.

I thought what better way to talk about my small scale homesteading and potentially egg selling and other selling ventures than a blog! I’ve tried a blog a few times before but never had a concrete idea or time to put things down properly. Here I’d like to share and meet others who do the same things. I also hope to write a review of products we have used and things recommended that have and have not worked. We are a small family who enjoys working outside, hands in the dirt; loving several rescued animals along the way. We have a small flock of hens, (7) a rooster who joins us tomorrow (!), a son with a severe egg allergy (he’s not allowed to touch eggs at all), three and a half dogs, and about 3.5 acres. We began our raised garden beds this year and perhaps a bit too early. I was so anxious to get things going, our final frost was mid-April and nearly killed the few transplants we had.

DSC_0380 DSC_0381